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4 Weeks to a Faster 1500m

Thursday Training Plan: 4 weeks to a Faster 1500m with only two 2km per week

As you follow the programme you will find yourself swimming your 1,500m faster. Now whether that is a PB or not will depend on how fast you have swum in the past, but it will definitely be faster at the end of the 4 weeks than it is now. With this programme people improve on average nearly 2 minutes, with some people improving by over 10%.
Designed for triathletes who have limited time to train but can squeeze two short 2km sessions in each week. The primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to swim 1,500m faster than you did at the start of the programme.

Coach Ray’s Suffering – 4.7kg’s Lost in 4 Weeks

Well this week was a mixed bag, not overly bad, but poorly planned. My training was ad-hoc and so was my nutrition.  Consequently my results weren’t that great. I’ll show you all the details at the end of the post.

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Falling Off the Wagon

This week went pretty well, until I went away for the weekend and had a few too many beers and also order dessert. I figured I was burning a lot of kiloJoules with all the exercise I was doing and…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: 2 Weeks in 3kgs Down

So another week down and another successful week of training and results to go along with it. I’ve lost a total of 3.0kg so far and  I’m pretty happy with that.  I’ll show you all the details at the end…

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Time To Get Some Consistency Back

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. With a lack of structure in my programming I didn’t complete as much training as I should have. I continued on with the strength training with Kutz on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I…

What is the Secret to Swimming Faster over 1,500m in Only 4 Weeks?

4 Weeks to a Faster 1,500m With only two 2,000m sessions each week Do you want a swim programme that will enhance your swimming without over stretching your time and training commitment over winter? Sound too good to be true?

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Slow Return to Training

I had to really focus on not pushing myself too early last week as I started feeling good. Probably on Thursday I could have gone for a workout, but chose not to, instead waiting until Friday.

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Comeback from Injury

After crashing at the Wairoa Gorge a couple of weeks ago I haven’t really been able to do much. I hobbled around unable to walk properly for over a week. I went back to the doctor after a week and…

How Fast Are You Now?

This is the eighth and final session as we have now built your fitness. Now it is time to retest you and compare with your original benchmark from the first session. If you haven’t done the preceding sessions you can’t expect to have…

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