Top 10 Articles of 2023

Throughout the year a number of articles have had popular times. But over the entire year, the reoccuring theme with popular articles relate to periodisation. Back in 2020/2021 I wrote a series of articles looking at the periodisation principles utilised by various coaches and academics, with six of the articles relating to periodisation from this era of articles still popular. However, the top two articles related to intensity.

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Fartlek Session

Friday Fartlek Run – Jack Daniels’ Marathon Threshold Workout

You will enhance your running economy by running near your Lactate Threshold (LT). This session is great for runners and triathletes running events up to Half marathons in the distance.

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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels’ Running Intensity

How do you measure intensity? So many coaches use so many different methods, power, Heart Rate (HR), three zones, five zones, seven zones?? I’ve been planning a series of weekly articles for over a year now, looking at what different coaches prescribe (or used to prescribe) and why. This is the third article in the series, using Jack Daniel’s Running Formula as the primary reference.

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Daniels' Running Formula

Jack Daniels’ PhD, Formulaic Approach To Periodisation

Jack Daniels PhD, is an iconic American Running coach, whose successful series of books Daniels’ Running Formula now in its Fourth edition has become my bible when planning or periodising an athletes season. Jack Daniels competed and medalled at both the Melbourne and Rome Olympic Games in 1956 and 1960 respectively, as well as being named the World’s Best Coach by Runner’s World. The overriding philosophy of the Daniels’ Running Formula is establishing intensities using the V-Dot system, this article will brush over that with the focus being on how he periodises or structures a season plan into different phases.

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Top 10 Gifts For Runners

With the lead in to Christmas well on the way and Christmas decorations starting to go up (I’ve even heard my first Christmas Carol), it’s time to look at what are my picks for the ten best gifts for runners.

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