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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its Kitchen Sink Time! Arghh

I’ve left writing this blog till lunch time Friday, mainly as this week has been a bit of a washout so far! I missed my long run Monday, did flexibility Tuesday, missed my swim Wednesday. So what to write about!…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Tri Season is approaching Fast!

It’s March, which means in the UK we are one month away from the start of the tri season. This winter training block has really gone quick and it’s crazy to think that winter training is coming to an end!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Green, Green, Green

This week I’ve really been on a high, absolutely smashed this week and am really proud of myself how its gone! My long bike on the Sunday was great, it was the first bike ride I’ve done outside for about 5 months and I did the full 3 hour session. I completed this ride with a friend which always helps. The session was more a social ride for me rather than keeping to strict power/speed etc. To be honest my main goal for this session was to keep my bum on the saddle of a bike for 3 hours!

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Is It Test Week Already?

Its been a bit up and down this week! After spotting at the weekend Ray had put a couple of test sessions in I was like, “wow really” as I’ve been doing a lot of base building sessions in zone 2, so was a bit apprehensive how I’d do on these sessions. Well I had a mixed bag but I’m looking at the positives!

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Not everything goes to plan!

This week has been a bit hit and miss.  I suppose every week is as an age group triathlete. Unfortunately we do this sport as a hobby, not as an income, so sometimes things just happen!

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: 12 Weeks to Tri!

The tri season is upon us here in the UK and it’s at this time of year that everyone is picking their 2019 events. I’ve had mine sorted for a while now and wanted to finalise these, book them and…

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: It’s Christmas!

Christmas Week Training hasn’t gone to plan this week. With three excited kids and all the Christmas planning I’ve been absolutely shattered. This week is test week, I know. I don’t know how as it only feels like last week…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: From Here to There

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Another weeks training and things are going great. I feel I am improving in all disciplines and finally getting somewhere with training! I’ll be honest at the start of training with Ray I thought…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: From Here to There

Another weeks training complete and I’m still buzzing! What a week it’s been! Following on from last week’s post about missing sessions I think I’ve put in my best weeks training to date. I’m over the moon with how it’s…

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