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Helen’s Ironman Experience

Saturday, 3 March 2018 – IRONMAN NEW ZEALAND, Taupo Trying to write this event report still seems somewhat surreal. After three consecutive attempts to officially finish an ultra-distance triathlon – the first being Challenge Wanaka in 2016, NZ Ironman in…

Helen’s Ironman Experience

Being my first NZ Ironman event my plan was to arrive in Taupo with time for checking out both the bike and run courses, while having time to “relax” and soak up the vibe of what this event is like.

Rotorua Half IronGIRL by Ness Gundry

Through out the year I have entered in a variety of events ranging from mountain biking, trail runs, road riding, a woman’s adventure race and a women’s triathlon. These have all been a means to achieving my end of year…

Client Stories

Helen’s Rotorua Half Ironman Experience by Helen Majorhazi

This year was my 6th visit to the Rotorua Half Ironman, 3rd year in a row biking out to Lake Rotoma and running round Green Lake. Of these last three times I was feeling the fittest and most prepared of…

Helen and the K2

Helen Majorhazi is this months ‘Client of the Month’. In the last weekend of October she not only bit off a massive goal but achieved it as well by riding the 200km K2 cycle race in the Coromandel. This is her story.

Client Stories

Helen Majorhazi’s Testimonial for Coach Ray

If you would like further advice feel free to contact Coach Ray. Coach Ray is the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi – Endurance Sports Consultant. Coach Ray specialises in assisting first timers and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals….

Ultra Humps

UltraHumps Blog #8: Humps’ Most Inspirational Songs

Hi UltraHumps followers. Time is near for the first major test for Ultraman Australia being Ironman NZ in a couple of weeks. As I write my Blog, I am thinking of two fellow Qwik Kiwi colleagues who are covering the…

Client Stories

Wellington Half Marathon

This time around this event would be part of a handful of confidence boosters in my build up to Challenge Wanaka 2016 (first ever iron-distance). I wanted to run this event in 2.30 hrs (even-though previously I’d done it faster),…

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