Top 10 Run Workouts of 2023

The most popular workouts on my website over 2023, where predominantly published before 2023. Only two articles were published this year (Double Neha’s Fartlek – which is an extension of a workout that was published in 2019; and Paul Huddle & Roch Frey’s Secret Ironman Run Workout for World Domination), and others were publish as far back as 2015 (Carpenter’s Perfect 20-Minute Workout) the year I first started publishing these workouts to make it easy for my athletes to follow along with. Since then I’ve published over 400 run workouts as part of my popular Friday Fartlek Run series, where each Friday I post a different run workout (Friday Fartlek is used as it makes a great illiteration, rather than sticking strictly to the traditional western interpretation of ‘fartlek’).

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Ironman Hawaii

Who Is Going To Win Kona? – the Women

I’ll put it out from the start First Place: Daniela Ryf, Second Place Anne Haug, Third Place Lucy Charles-Barcley!!! That’s who I think, but what about the experts?

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