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Clatters Chatter: A Fun And Hard Training Session

For today’s post, I will be talking about one of my favorite training sessions. I would like to discuss why I love this type of training and why this specific workout, what the benefits are and lastly what I did…

Friday Fartlek Run: Special K’s – Race Pace 5ks

Doing 1km reps is very popular with triathletes and runners to improve speed. This is a perfect session for runner’s and triathlete’s running 5km races. Doing it ~10 days prior to an important 5km as a great session.

Friday Fartlek Run: 6-8x 1min Hills

This session is great to improve speed for runners doing 5-10km, but also with benefits for half and full marathon runners. It is perfect for both runners and triathletes alike.

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