Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Highs & The Lows!

The week started with a good chat with Ray. Planning the week ahead and looking at what needs to be done. I’m noticing more and more each week I don’t actually have “key” sessions anymore. They are all key in their own way, and this week is no different.

My running is really coming on now, it’s by far my weakest discipline and still is, but to think 8 weeks ago I was running with no focus and plodding most my sessions around 4 miles, that this week I would put in two of my best ever runs is pretty unbelievable! Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Highs & The Lows!”

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: another week gone!

These weeks are flying by!  It only seems like yesterday I was writing last week’s article, which got me thinking that I best get the races booked for 2019.  After all it will soon be Christmas!

Before I started training with Ray I had my plans set on a few races so I wanted to share with you two of them that are firmly booked and paid for with no turning back! Continue reading “Mikes Middle Distance Magic: another week gone!”

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

I’m abit late writing this weeks blog, sorry Ray it doesn’t give you much time to edit my spelling mistakes! Haha.

The main reason I’m writing this article Saturday morning is the last 5 or more weeks I just haven’t been doing the long session in the morning which has either resulted in me either having to do it on an evening when tired or more often than not resulting in me missing the session and leaving a big ugly red session on my Training Peaks account! Continue reading “Mikes Middle Distance Magic: The Early Bird Catches The Worm!”

Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Family First!

I’ve been juggling an awful lot this week.  My daughter Ava is 4 and doing more training than me. I am writing this the day of her dance show and she has been rehearsing her socks off for 4 hours every night this week.  I’m so proud of her! On top of that it’s my eldest sons 6th birthday today. How can I train when there’s more important things like building Lego and eating birthday food? Haha. Continue reading “Mikes Middle Distance Magic: Family First!”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Busy Week

It has been a pretty busy week, which has flown by!

I’ll start where I left off from last Friday with the pull in my neck. It did ease off slightly for the weekend and was fine to run on so I completed the long run and interval run. Unfortunately in the aero position my neck was still a bit sore so  regrettably I had to miss the long bike again, which brings me onto my goals for this week.
Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Busy Week”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: From Here to There

Mike Catton

Another week has gone by!

Since I started writing these blogs the weeks are flying by!

I have mixed feelings about training this week. So far it has gone great, positive swim session, and a really great bike hill session on Zwift. I managed 5 x 4 mins at 250w. That session was definitely my highlight this week.  It was one of those sessions that hurts but it’s good pain if that makes sense. I just knew I would complete the session and I was gutted when it ended to be honest. I was definitely in the zone with that one! Haha Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: From Here to There”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!

Anybody that is a user of Training Peaks will understand this – briefly red is a failed session, amber is partly completed and green is a fully achieved session. Well I’ve quite often dwelled on missed sessions and never really looked at the bigger picture!

For myself in the past I feel I have always looked backwards and never forward. This has been a big problem for me as once one session has been missed this generally spirals into two, three or more sessions resulting in a “non” training week and massive inconsistencys in my training. Therefore as mentioned in my previous post my training has never really progressed and my fitness has just stagnated and never really improved. Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Don’t Dwell on the Red!”

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Journey Begins!

Well actually that’s a lie. My journey started back in 2015 when I entered my first triathlon, the Slateman triathlon. This was a tough one to start with but It came highly recommended and a few friends already entered so I thought what the heck! This was a big eye opener to triathlon and I loved it! They say once you do your first triathlon, you get the bug. Well I did and the “bug” hit hard but I was far from a triathlete! Continue reading “Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The Journey Begins!”