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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Holiday Week!

As the title suggests I’ve just come back from an amazing 10 days in Turkey. All inclusive food and beer doesn’t usually end well with me and I often over do it like most would. Haha.

UltraHumps – Kiaora Aotearoa!

Kiaora blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of Well my time overseas of six months which turned into seven months has come to an end, I have now escaped the heat which was…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: ITS KONA WEEK!

Nothing more exciting than Kona week for a triathlete, its race week writing this blog and if an age grouper can’t get motivation from watching the best in the world slog it out, nothing will!

UltraHumps – Competes in US Army 10 Miler

Hi blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog under the publication of Coach Ray Boardman’s Qwik-Kiwi Coaching Website. After becoming injury free, I was keen to test the mettle. I didn’t have far to look as on Base the…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Thanking Ray

This week I needed to give my head a slight wobble come Monday morning. After two missed, KEY sessions Saturday and Sunday. You guessed it, the long bike and long run. I was really fed up with how things were…

Clatters Chatter: Race Day

Waiting for the baton, anxiously gritting my teeth whether I would be ready for my team mate to come down the hill. We were in first place I heard, and as I did my last stride my team mate arrived.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Test week time!

Test week is over and it’s not a pretty one, in all honesty I knew I wasn’t going to set the world or even my PB’s alight but I’m happy I’ve got a starting point of what I need to…

Clatters Chatter: Inspiration And Good News

After being in a never ending torture room, then suddenly seeing the light it feels good. Back in control and on your way to success. You get back in the swing of things and everything seems to being going as…

Clatters Chatter: First Swim Back

I’m going to go to the pool today, after I have finished my exam to relax myself and have a bit of enjoyment. The first time swimming in three months takes a toll on you and can really wear you…

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