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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: April goals!

As it’s coming up to April and with all races cancelled due to Corona Virus, it seems fitting to make some short term goals for the next month and see what May may bring if I achieve them.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its all about the base!

Ive been having some good talks with Ray this week over training, over the past few months Ray has been putting sessions in for me to build up to a half marathon in a couple of weeks.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Sickness Strikes!

Well after the perfect week last week, what can I say! As you can probably gather from the the title things didn’t quite go to plan! The sickness bug has well and truly gone through our house and we have…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Not a bad start to 2020!

Pretty short blog this week! And I suppose it’s been a pretty short week with New Year in the middle, it’s Saturday night I’m writing this on the 4th January. Same situation this week really, good start, all green then…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: It’s Christmas!

Not much to report this week to be honest! As the title suggests it’s christmas week and training is if and when it can! Despite that the week has been relatively successful, green swim’s, Bike’s and runs. Feel I’m really…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: starting to finally get in the mood for training!

Been a pretty good week. Training getting back on track even did the long bike! Albeit one hour shorter than planned but I actually got my arse on a bike and felt good for 1 hour 45 mins! Things are…

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