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Ironman 70.3 Taupo

Gene’s Ironman Journey: From Zero to Hero

12 months ago I decide to do an Ironman, the problem was, I couldn’t swim and didn’t own a bike. How hard can it really be? Initially, I decide to train myself, I jumped on the internet and downloaded a plan…easy as!
About two weeks in to “coaching” myself I realised there was more to it than just swimming, biking and running a few times randomly throughout a week. It was time to consult a professional.
I contacted Ray who had been recommended to me by a friend, this is when things really started to take shape.

How Mark Got Ironman Success

When I started to look for a coach for finishing an Ironman I looked Ray as I had already experienced his coaching and training style. We started with a phone consult where we discussed what my goals were how he ran his training for an event like this and what coaching package would best suit what I wanted to achieve so I went with the Team Qwik Kiwi. Ray understands the needs of life and can tailor your training around your individual needs, I work shift work on an 8 day week so training was written to suit this. As it is a long process to train for an Ironman Ray uploaded my training week by week and could tailor it to suit changes in my roster, fatigue levels, or if I had any injuries/or niggles. My intention was to do it once but I decided to carry on training for another year to complete Ironman twice along with a number of other events along the way including the Taupo 70.3 Half Ironman in 2017 and 2018.

Thursday Training Plan: Ironman 70.3 Taupo

“Training for excellence, with excellent training.” When you cross the finish line of your Ironman 70.3 Taupo, you will have accomplished something very special. Designed for Intermediate triathletes who are looking to complete Ironman 70.3 Taupo event faster than previously, the primary…

UltraHumps: Rotorua Half Ironman

Hi Blog Followers, I’m having a few computer glitches with the internet at home and also at Camp, so I have chosen to continue to include some favourite photo’s from Ultraman Australia 2016, which is the event for my charity…

UltraHumps – Attention To Detail

Hi Blog Followers – Well a big week of training this week with Coach Ray focusing on sprint training in the Pool and some long reps of high intensity Running and hill work on the Bike.  I had to laugh…

UltraHumps: Coach Ray’s Training Programme for Me Last Week

Hi Blog Followers Welcome to Blog # 11 as we get closer to the 6 x Challenges that make up the 1306 kms of 3 Half Ironman events over 3 consecutive weekends in December, followed by 2 full Ironman events…

UltraHumps: Health Improvement

Hi Blog followers and welcome to another addition of my journey towards 3+2+1=Charity. As you would of seen I had a refreshing break in Rarotonga which gave the batteries a chance to recharge, not just on the personal front but…

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