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Thursday Training Plan: 8 Weeks to a Faster 10km RUNNING (INTERMEDIATE Start any Monday)

This 8 week programme will take you through challenging sessions that will build your fitness and speed in order to run 10km faster at the end of the programme.

Designed for an intermediate runner aiming to run their 10km in the range of 35 – 50min. The primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to RUN FASTER.

Lisa’s Journey, Week 16: Whale Run 2018 – Done & Dusted

What a week. It was all go at school leading up to the Whale Run. The spring weather looked like it might just start to return for Saturday’s event – we had our eyes, fingers, arms & legs crossed! But…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 15: It’s Spring!! Time for G & T…

Spring it is, but nope it’s not Gin & Tonic as the heading may suggest. It’s Goals & Training. At the time of writing this I checked, and there’s only 7 days till the Whale Run. Yaahooo. What freaks me…

Thursday Training Plan: 10k RUNNING Training Plan (BEGINNER 8 week Plan – Start Anytime Reusable)

With the 10km running races getting more and more popular, I’ve got a training plan for beginner runners wanting to complete a 10km running race.  This training plan can start anytime and be reused whenever you want.

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