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Friday Fartlek Run: Ironman Speed Session #2

Speedwork is an important skill set for all runners, it can provide improvements in your VO2 Max and enhance your threshold running ability. This is a great session for all runners and triathletes especially those running events between 10km & marathon.

Saturday Swim Session: GTN’s Sub-Hour Ironman Swim Session #1

Completing the Ironman Swim in under 60 minutes is a significant achievement. Today at Ironman NZ plenty of people will be trying to achieve this milestone. Consistent pacing and sustained effort is the key to achieving this goal. This is a great session for triathletes and open water swimmers to do to build their sustained speed.

Science on Sunday: Personal Best Times in an Olympic Distance Triathlon and a Marathon Predict an Ironman Race Time for Recreational Female Triathletes

When an athlete hasn’t done an Ironman event previously what time do you think they can do? Tough questions because they have never done the event before (often they haven’t done something similar) and are stepping into the great unknown. Rüst et al has attempted to answer this for female athletes (who make the bulk of Qwik Kiwi athletes).

Tuesday Training Plan: 12 Week Ironman Swim PB Training Plan

When you cross the finish line of your Ironman Swim, you will have swum faster than you have in previous attempts.
Designed for Intermediate Ironman Athletes who are looking to compete in an Ironman event, the primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to set a PB for the Swim during YOUR event.

Book of the Month August – Going Long

The blurb states that Going Long is “the book you will return to season after season”, and that is very true, I do refer to it reasonably often when planning and preparing programmes for Ironman events.

Book of the Month June – Your Best Triathlon

Your Best Triathlon – Advanced Training for Serious Triathletes
Joe Friel’s writing style is easy to read and he explains training concepts concisely with examples that are easy for most triathletes to relate to.

UltraHumps – Ironman NZ 2020 As A Volunteer!

Ironman 2019 was on the weekend I was to commence travel for my deployment overseas, whilst I could of completed it in Taupo and then headed to Auckland Airport, it obviously wouldn’t have been fair on my family. Upon return from deployment several months later, I knew I would be to unfit to do Ironman 2020. Being a stubborn git I know I could of still made it to the finish line, for the free Finishers T-Shirt after all, but elected to give something back to the event that changed my life and still provides a focus to train for each year.

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