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Ask Coach Ray – How To Manage Training Around Travelling

A lot of people plan a holiday around an event……..or an event around a holiday. As they commence their travel their training goes out the window. Here is some advice and guidance around how to incorporate your training around your travel.

Di’s Expereience at the Great Wall of China Half Marathon

16 May 2018 and Janne posts this on the Qwik Kiwi House FB page “Finally had the go ahead from Ray who said to “Dream big and live the dream”.  Suzy Monds’ inspirational story and my success running the Rotorua…

7 Tips On How To Avoid Jetlag When Travelling Long Haul (You Will Find the Bonus Tip Surprising)

In a few weeks time I’m going to be travelling to Toronto as part of the coaching staff for the NZ Invictus Games team.  I am putting together this advice for the members of the team as a way of…

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