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Grape Ride 2019

Lisa’s Journey, Week 44: 2019 Forrest Graperide #15

So as I sit here, sweat crustifying on my face, my butt muscles tightening, devouring the most delicious steak, slaw, ciabatta roll from Viva La Vaga, sipping my CPR coffee, post ride, I thought I’d better quickly jot something down for my blog. The Forrest Grape🍇Ride 2019, one of Marlborough’s biggest and longest running bike events – now having been I don’t doubt that!

Lisa’s Journey, Week 43: Don’t Forget To Mix It Up A Little!

I loved reading Ali’s blog (Ali’s Adventure – The Female Athlete). It was timely, as I actually sat here thinking about chocolate and how I could possibly devour the packet of baking nibs in the baking cupboard. I’m a week…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 42: The Big Picture/s = (Less Writing)

I’m using my first blog’s cover image, as it seemed fitting again. It’s bitter sweet. On one hand, huge congratulations to the Kaikoura Coastal Sports Team who won GodZone for the Prime section. Outstanding effort guys! It was fun to…

Lisa’s Journey, Week 40: My 40th (Week), Feels Like I Should Have Cake & A Party…

40 weeks, 280 days, approximately nine months since starting this blog and journey. I can’t say this blog gets any easier to write, but the journey does somewhat. My only hope is someone reads it and if they haven’t started their journey that they do. You… do!!

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