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Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Josh Amberger’s 70.3 Knockout Punch Session

The ability to put surges into your 70.3 pace and to recover from them, is beneficial for all athletes to put in a surge and break up the front pack to lifting your intensity on a short hill climb. This workout covers a range of intensities and is great for 70.3 triathletes, road cyclists and XC mountain bikers.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: All Green!

This blog is going out late to Ray and late to all of you. Sorry about that! I just really wanted to wait till last minute to get this blog out for obvious reasons from the title!

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Sometimes surprises happen!

Well what’s happened this week! Started the usual way, some good sessions, the run was really good 4 x 6 mins at 8:20 per mile off 1 min recovery’s. faster and longer than last week, happy days! The bike and…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Its the weekend!

As I said at the end of last week’s blog, I wanted to wait till the weekend to write this weeks for two reasons. One, it’s weekend sessions that have been my downfall. And two, I wanted a green and…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Not a bad start to 2020!

Pretty short blog this week! And I suppose it’s been a pretty short week with New Year in the middle, it’s Saturday night I’m writing this on the 4th January. Same situation this week really, good start, all green then…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: The new year resolutions!

I know everyone and anyone will be doing this same this time of year, and mine this year is on consistency! Sounds easy and probably should be, but for some reason this year has been one of my worst for…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: It’s Christmas!

Not much to report this week to be honest! As the title suggests it’s christmas week and training is if and when it can! Despite that the week has been relatively successful, green swim’s, Bike’s and runs. Feel I’m really…

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