Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Ben Kanute’s Pre-Alcatraz Hill Reps

Windtrainer Workout

This session is designed to enhance your ability to deliver power on the hills and develop your VO2 max. Although this session was inspired by a specific session preparing for a tough triathlon, any cyclist competing in an event that includes hills will benefit,  such as a marathon mountain biking event or a road cyclist.

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Transforming Tash: You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. You can’t out train a bad diet. Food is fuel. Quotes I’ve heard before and always they didn’t apply to me. If I did an hour of training then surely I could reward myself with a glass of wine. Wrong. I found out this week that consuming alcohol stops your body from burning fat for up to 72 hours. Three whole days of wasting my time and energy just for that one or two (ok potentially three) glasses of wine. What the hell am I doing? Do I like to sabotage myself? Do I intentionally set out to fail? Gosh girl come on, get it together and achieve more in your life. Continue reading “Transforming Tash: You Are What You Eat”

Lisa’s Journey: I’m on the road again… (you can sing it if you like)!!!

Only a week on from my last blog (I’m suppose to have it into Ray on Friday’s, whoops it’s Monday), but I am making progress!!

I’ve broken through the “I can’t run on the road” mental barrier this week.  My ‘wifey’, and No.1 motivator said, “You just have to get out there [on the road]. You’ll find it’s a lot easier”.  It was the first 20 minute run I had to do too.  So off we set.  She chatted away and kept me going.  I answered when and where I could.  Puff, puff, grunt, grunt. I didn’t break any land speed records.  At times, I had to check my watch to make sure I was actually getting somewhere, as I literally felt like I was jogging or ‘wogging’ (walk/jogging) on the spot. But we slowly got to 5kms. What a relief that was. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey: I’m on the road again… (you can sing it if you like)!!!”

Coach Ray Interviews PT Central’s & the Revenant’s Leroy de Beer

PT Central

I have known Leroy for a few years and had the pleasure of running with him on a number of occasions including in the 2015 Christchurch Marathon. As the owner of PT Central and organiser of the Revenant I took the opportunity to have a chat with him about all things training and also about the Revenant. Continue reading “Coach Ray Interviews PT Central’s & the Revenant’s Leroy de Beer”