UltraHumps: The Training Continues

Hi blog followers and welcome to another weekly blog of my journey to the Cameron Brown Award and IronMaori / Port of Tauranga Legend Series.

This week has seen me training full time back in the good old outdoors which I love. Due to work commitments requiring me to head to Waiouru in the latter part of the week I had to get up extra early the day I left to make sure my training was done as Coach Ray had me upping the tempo for reps on the bike. I didn’t have space in the vehicle to take the bike with me so it was an early start.

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Lisa’s Journey, Week 21: Next week… will be a better week!!!

This week is not about how much exercise I’ve done, because there’s been not much (said in a whisper, because I don’t even like saying it).  So there’s been one run to follow my Glenorcy run.  It was along the beautiful Lake Te Anau edge, as a storm brewed in the hills. We were all still fighting bugs and energy wasn’t abundant! Continue reading “Lisa’s Journey, Week 21: Next week… will be a better week!!!”