Getting the Most Out Of the Kitchen Sink – A Long Bike Ride For All Occasions

Windtrainer Session

The weekend is a opportunity to get a long ride completed.  This ride is a challenging one that I get a range of my athletes who are preparing for an event that involves a long cycle to do. Whether it is a long road race like the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge or the Abel Tasman Cycle Challenge; a long distance triathlon such as an Ironman or Ultraman (or even a half Ironman/70.3 on occasion as well); or an extreme cycle challenge like Tour Aoteroa. Continue reading “Getting the Most Out Of the Kitchen Sink – A Long Bike Ride For All Occasions”

Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning


This weeks blog takes it’s name from a song by an obscure 90’s band (if you are interested I’ll link to a live recording of it at the end of the blog). A number of things have influenced this post and I haven’t written a Coach Ray’s Suffering post since Mother’s day. Since then my training has been sporadic and inconsistent. Last week in particular I didn’t make any time to look after myself. I ate far too much junk food and didn’t do a single workout. Continue reading “Coach Ray’s Sufferings: Reality….A New Beginning”