Wednesday Wind Trainer Session: 5/4/3/2/1min Hills

This session will enhance your leg strength and climbing ability.

Each Wednesday I’ll post a Windtrainer Workout that you can do in about 60 minutes to enhance your cycling. See a previous post about training intensity (Levels) to know how hard to work. If you are working directly with Coach Ray he will in most cases prescribe either a Power Zone or Heart Rate Zone to work within if you are training with these tools.

5/4/3/2/1min Hills, 4/3/2/1min Rest Interval (RI)

  • 10min Warm Up Level II;

Main Set:

  • 5min Level IV (against a high resistance to simulate a hill), 4min Level I RI;
  • 4min Level IV (against a high resistance to simulate a hill), 3min Level I RI;
  • 3min Level IV (against a high resistance to simulate a hill), 2min Level I RI;
  • 2min Level IV-V (against a high resistance to simulate a hill), 1min Level I RI;
  • 1min Level IV-V (against a high resistance to simulate a hill);
  • 10min Cool Down Level I-II;
  • 10min Stretching

The warm-up should be done at an intensity that is steady but not overconsuming at Level II.

The main set is done at an intensity that really gets the heart rate up and the legs burning. This is basically racing pace. Keep the legs churning like pistons at a relatively high cadence (above 80RPM for this workout). Ensure that the resistance is set relatively high to replicate a hill. When it is time for your rest interval, drop the resistance and change to an easier gear, but keep your cadence high and the legs spinning.

Commence with five minutes up hilt a Level IV intensity, prior to a four-minute Rest Interval (RI) at Level I. Then four minutes at Level IV followed by three minutes at Level I for a Rest Interval (RI). Next complete three minutes uphill at Level IV with a two-minute Rest Interval (RI). For the second to last rep, increase your effort to get up to Level IV-V for two minutes, prior to a one-minute Rest Interval (RI) at Level I. The last rep is only one minute at Level IV-V prior to moving into the Cool Down (CD)

The cool-down is at a low intensity with minimal resistance on the trainer.

Finish with 10 minutes of stretching to assist with your recovery.  This isn’t necessarily included in the 60-minute workout and can be conducted whilst showering post-workout.

This session can also be done out on the road on an actual hill. Push yourself hard in this session and you will find you develop your lactate threshold and your fitness will come on in leaps and bounds.

If you would like further advice feel free to contact me.

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