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Getting started with Swimming- Week 7

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post a series of workouts to assist you to improve your swimming. These sessions are targeted toward beginners who are just getting started with swimming but can comfortably swim a few lengths without stopping.

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The previous weeks session can be found here:

Session Thirteen

  • 400m W/U;
  • 25m, 5sec RI;
  • 50m, 10sec RI;
  • 75m, 10sec RI;
  • 100m, 15sec RI;
  • 125m, 15sec RI;
  • 150m, 20sec RI;
  • 125m, 15sec RI;
  • 100m, 15sec RI;
  • 75m, 10sec RI;
  • 50m, 10sec RI;
  • 25m;
  • 100m C/D

Start this session by swimming 400m Warm Up (WU). 400m is 16 lengths in a standard 25m pool which is the most common sort of public pool in New Zealand. For the warm-up feel free to swim any stroke you wish and stop at any of the ends to stretch or take a break.

After you’ve done the warm-up takes a short rest and get yourself ready to swim the next set.

The main set is a pyramid set. Start off by swimming 25m and then take a five-second Rest Interval (RI). The next rep is 50m with a ten-second Rest Interval (RI). Following on from that is a 75m rep with a ten-second Rest Interval (RI), then 100m with a 15-second Rest Interval (RI), and 125m with a 15-second Rest Interval (RI), 150m 20-second Rest Interval (RI). Then commence the descent down the other side of the pyramid 125m with a 15-second Rest Interval (RI), then 100m with a 15-second Rest Interval (RI), 75m rep with a ten-second Rest Interval (RI), 50m with a ten-second Rest Interval (RI), then finish with a 25m rep.

Then it’s time for a 100m Cool Down (CD). Unlike the previous sets which have to be freestyle, the cooldown (like the warm-up) can be any stroke you wish to swim.  You can also stop and rest after any length.  I encourage you to stop and stretch during the cool-down.

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