Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 19 June 16

Each Sunday I’ll post my ‘best of’ list in a number of categories from the inter-webs. Other weeks can be found here.

Technology/Equipment Blogs

DC Rainmakers review of the new Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Training Blogs

The benefits of doing a proper pre-race warm up

Nutrition Blogs

Why your weight loss may have plateaued.


Peter Sagan rides amazingly to finish this stage.

2 Replies to “Best of the Internet for Endurance Athletes: 19 June 16”

  1. The Shakespear National Park event marked my first race 5 years (only 8km but let’s keep that to ourselves ha). Your passion for endurance is contagious so I’ll bookmark this site and use it as my morning motivation/reading 🙂


    1. Thanks Alex, I appreciate that. Are you training for any thing at the moment? Got any (in the words of Mal Law) Big, Hairy Arsed, GOALS?

      – Coach Ray

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