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Month: September 2017

Invictus Games – Swimming Finals Night

Jules:   As I Ieft the pool yesterday I took a photo that speaks so many words for me. The pool looks huge, there are hundreds of spectators and yes I swam in it. I remember the first training session…

Saturday Swim Session – 50’s for Top End Speed

Pure speed is developed by doing short reps with a reasonable amount of rest. As triathletes and endurance athletes you don’t need the same level of speed that a pool swimmer requires. This workout is perfect for Ironman and Olympic distance triathletes…

Invictus Games: What A Day For The Swimmers

Jules:   I’m struggling with verbalising today, but will try to get my words together. Today I got to swim as a swimmer competing in an international competition. I couldn’t swim freestyle at all ten months ago. I thought I…

Friday Fartlek Run – Half Marathon Tempo Progression A

Tempo runs are a great training session to include as you prepare for a half marathon. They help develop your aerobic efficiency as well as your tolerance to (slightly) higher intensity. These sessions are perfect for those training for a…

Invictus Games: A Very Busy Couple Of Day’s – Here Is What The Team Has Been Up To

It has been a busy few days and this is a bit of a catch up. It’s closing in on 1am and I haven’t written my section yet but in summary I’ve been really stoked with how everyone has been…

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Power-Based Steady State Trainer Session I

This workout is the perfect session to start building your fitness as you either get back into training or as you build an aerobic base over winter/spring. This workout is great for all cyclists, including mountain bikers and triathletes.

Invictus Games

Invictus Games: Medals Time

Qwik Summary: We have all had a massive day.  No doubt you have seen the news that we won some medals today: Dan got two bronzes, IT7 Men’s 1,500m final & IT7 Men’s 400m final; Glenn & Gibbo got silver…

Invictus Games: Day of Action at the Track and at the Tennis

Jules:   After last night I thought I would be tired, but I was surprised by how much. We did some Haka practice, had breakfast and headed out to catch a bus to support the Athletics. There were a few…

Invictus Games: The Opening Ceremony

Jules:   The first event in the competition started today – the Jaguar and Landrover driving challenge. The buses even got a Police escort.   Pretty cool.

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