Invictus Games: Medals Time

Qwik Summary:

We have all had a massive day.  No doubt you have seen the news that we won some medals today:

  • Dan got two bronzes, IT7 Men’s 1,500m final & IT7 Men’s 400m final;
  • Glenn & Gibbo got silver in the Wheelchair Tennis; and
  • Vanessa got GOLD in the women’s middleweight Powerlifting.

With swim training in the morning, athletics finals in the afternoon and then powerlifting in the evening it was nearly midnight when the team got to bed. Both Jules and Nicki have struggled a bit with sleep, so I told them not to worry about putting something together tonight.  I will get it off them in the morning.

It is well after midnight as I write this as I’ve been at meetings and prepping for the rowing team tomorrow night.   I’ve also picked up the role of caddying for one of the golfers in the morning through into the early afternoon. That will be interesting as I’m not too familiar with the ins and outs of golf, but I can at least give him a hand and minimise what he needs to think about allowing him to focus on his game. I will get something posted up after golf.

From Toronto, until tomorrow; over and out – Coach Ray

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