Simon Cochrane

Pre-Kona Qwik-View with Kiwi Pro Simon Cochrane

Qwik Kiwi: Congratulations on qualifying for Kona as a Pro.  Your Instagram post from August that announced it was exciting to read. You’ve had a great 2018 season.  What do you think has lead to this being your breakthrough season?
Simon Cochrane: Thanks, it has been a great year. Steady progression over the last few seasons, and some solid consistent results helped get the Kona qualification. It all kicked off with a podium result in my first race of the season at Ironman Taiwan. If you didn’t race Kona the previous year, it makes it quite hard to get enough points to make the Top 50. You really need to perform at multiple races over the year to secure the slot, and I think that consistency is one of my strengths. 

QK: Even though you’ve had an amazing season thus far, if you had your time again what changes would you make?

SC: This season has gone to plan, so I wouldn’t change anything. Continue learning as you go!

QK: You’ve had some great swim PBs in the last month.  This is a great sign leading into the Big Dance. Is there a key swim set that has lead to this improvement?

SC: My swimming has been a big focus over the last few years. Again, consistency, and a decent swim squad (and coach) has made the massive difference here. I swim four squad sessions a week with a group of school kids (who smash me every day). A usual squad is anywhere from 6km – 7.5km, with plenty of intensity. You really need a good swim coach who can keep an eye on you, and push you along when needed. 

QK: Do you train with a power meter? If so, what type?

SC: Yes, a Rotor 2inPower, and I have changed to Oval chain rings this season.

QK: What is your favourite bike session?

SC: We have been focusing on a bit more top end power in this build up, although I enjoy the long rides with some threshold intervals. 
5min / 10min / 20min all out, and then into some IM specific power sets.

QK: Do you have a particular run session that is your go to?

SC: Can’t beat a long run in the hills.

IronmanQK: You’ve had two podiums this season at Taiwan and Philippines (which shows you can handle the heat), as well as a Top 10 in Taupo and a Top 5 in the UK. Which of these events was the most satisfying?

SC: Taiwan, as the previous year I totally blew up in the heat (‘running’ a 4 hour marathon). I went back home and devised a plan to get the preparation right for next time. It needs to be a careful and calculated preparation for hot and humid races. A lot of heat stress and preparing yourself mentally, for dealing with everything on the day.

QK: I don’t think anyone is expecting you to win in Hawaii the first time around (fingers crossed for you that they are all wrong). Thorsten Radde (from is predicting another sub-9hr time for you. What are you aiming to achieve (not necessarily results wise but learning/experience wise) in Kona?

SC: Firstly to enjoy the two weeks we have in Hawaii with the family. It’s my daughter’s first holiday away (Tinley is 6 months old), and I’m so lucky that Larisa and Tinley (and my parents) are able to make it out with me. 
For the race next Saturday – it is so exciting lining up with the top 50 guys on the planet. If I stick to my race plan, I know that I will have a good day. Where that places me in the field, we will have to wait!  

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