Clatters Chatter: Training So Far

Well this week is my third week under Coach Ray. Being under his wing has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I have enjoyed every minute so far. Today I will be discussing about some interesting things that have happened during these first few weeks and what workouts I have most enjoyed.

My first run was a 30 minute run at level II with 10x100m stride outs. I enjoyed this as it was a little different from the normal I had been doing.

400m repeats would probably have been my most favourite workout so far. The reason for this is that you’re running at threshold pace (quite hard), going for as long as your body can keep the pace. I love this because it shows how hard I can go and if I am improving by doing it later on in the training block. Another reason I like this is that it depends on how much effort you want to put in and want to work – the sky is the limit.

Training Peaks was an app I was introduced to by Coach Ray. It showed me the details of just about everything during my run including showing me what pace I was doing and whether I was hitting the times or not. At first I was a little stunned as to what all this information meant and how specific the run was. When I was training myself I believed if you do the same thing over and over you get better at it. This was not the case. Uploading the workout to Training Peaks after my run, I was able to analyze all these specific things like HR, cadence, etc and see what I need to do better.

Well so far I have loved the training I have been given, how specific it has been to me and how well Coach Ray has set it it up so personally for me. It shocked me how well done it was. I can’t wait for my races to come up and know going into them I am prepared and more ready than ever.

-Luke Clatworthy (Clatters Chatter)

Luke is a talented junior athlete who is currently training for a series of cross country races. He has performed pretty well in them the last few years and wants to be the best athlete he can be. Follow his progress this year as he strives for success.

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