Help Prevent Lockdown Boredom

Due to popular request, I’ve collated my ten most popular cycling workouts and built them into both Zwift and Garmin files, so you can utilise them to prevent boredom and create interest with different styles of workouts whilst we are all stuck in lockdown due to COVID-19.

By purchasing this package you will get my Top 10 workouts each in two file formats. .ZWO for Zwift and .FIT for Garmin to load up and ride. If you act now by following this link (it’ll be gone in 24 hours time) you will actually get 30 files:

It is a fast acting bonus for people who take action in the first 24 hours (prior to 7am Wednesday 15th April NZ Time). DON’T MISS OUT.

If you’ve missed that link you can utilise this one to get the Top 10 workouts in both formats (20 files all up) for only $19 (this will be available for 3 days only):

There are plenty of great workouts that develop a range of physiological attributes. Some will develop your VO2 Max, others will build your FTP or Functional Threshold Power, other sessions will improve your pedalling efficiency.

Grab this collection of my most popular 10 workouts for Zwift and Garmin now whilst they are available:

If you are after runners workouts, I’ll have these available in the near future. Send me a message if you are interested in them as well.

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