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Month: October 2020

Wednesday Windtrainer Workout: Matt Bottrill’s Intensity and Cadence Mash Up

Spending time riding at different cadences and intensities upto and including VO2 Max level will develop your top end speed and power, as well as give your Threshold power a bit of a boost as well as generating all round cycling strength. This session will help you develop that and is great for all cyclists including triathletes and mountain bikers.

Tuesday Training Plan: 12 Week Ironman Swim PB Training Plan

When you cross the finish line of your Ironman Swim, you will have swum faster than you have in previous attempts.
Designed for Intermediate Ironman Athletes who are looking to compete in an Ironman event, the primary goal of this training plan is to prepare you to set a PB for the Swim during YOUR event.

Friday Fartlek Run: The Running Channel’s 10k Interval Session A

This workout is a staple for many runners. This session is great for runners and triathletes wanting to improve their performance over 10km, but with plenty of cross over benefit to also the 5km and half marathon distance.

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