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Friday Fartlek Run: Pete Magill’s Hill Rep Progression #3

Hill Reps will help develop the strength of all muscle-fibre types, set the neurological firing pathways to recruit multiple muscle fibre, and increase your heart’s stroke volume. This is a great session for all runners and triathletes especially those running events between 5km & half marathon.

Each week I will be posting the Friday Fartlek Run Sessions that you can do to enhance your running. Fartlek is a Swedish term that is often used by runners and it means speed-play. See a previous post about training intensity (levels) to know how hard to work.

The inspiration for this post came from a chapter in Pete Magill’s book Fast 5k.

Pete Magill’s Hill Rep Progression #3

  • 10min WU Level II;
  • 8-12x 45sec Level V, 1:30-2:00min Level I RI;
  • 10min CD Level II;
  • 10min Stretching

Start the workout with a Warm Up (WU) of ten minutes of easy jogging at Level II.

The Main Set involves running between eight and twelve reps at Level V for 45 seconds uphill. Use a hill that is challenging but not too steep. Aim to finish all reps with some gas in the tank. After each rep jog back down the hill at Level I, to the start point (it’s acceptable to walk the first ten to fifteen seconds of the Rest Interval (RI). If you get back to the bottom before in under 90 seconds take a wee walk before getting ready to run the next rep.

Start with eight reps and progressively build to twelve over a number of weeks. This is a step up from last week’s workout:

The Cool Down (CD) is at a low intensity, jogging (Level II) for a minimum of ten minutes.

Finish with 10 minutes of stretching to assist with the recovery.

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