4 Weeks to 4km – Get Fitter and Faster And Be Able To Run 4km In 4 Weeks Time

4 Weeks to 4km – Get Fitter and Faster And Be Able To Run 4km In 4 Weeks Time by Ray Boardman

Get started with running by following along with Coach Ray’s ‘4 Weeks to 4km’ run/walk programme.

Are you a busy Mum or a busy executive that needs a simple easy to follow programme that you can follow along with to lose weight, improve your health and get started with running.

This is a digital product and you will receive a download link when you purchase this eBook.

These training sessions are designed to take a relative beginner with no experience running, from doing nothing to being able to run 4km in 4 weeks time. The sessions are especially designed for people who find running hard and as a result avoid it.

“I enjoyed that these sessions were broken down into small manageable sessions. It was far enough out of my comfort zone to push me, but not too far it wasn’t achievable.

My fabulous, supportive coach is more than just a sport coach. He is almost my life coach! He keeps things in perspective for me.  He won’t let me take the easy road, is supportive and makes sure all areas of my life are kept even and accountable.

While our coaching relationship has just begun the trust I feel with Ray is amazing. I very much doubt I could embark on this journey without him!!” – Tash Hall

I’m in the process of transferring all my ebooks from my previous e-commerce store to this website, so for now I’m offering them for only $7. Although I believe I have tested things thoroughly, I’m doing them for only $7 (saving $20 from the normal price) just on the off chance there is some bug in the system and there is s delay in getting the ebook to you.

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