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Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 3]: Camping, Tramping & Kittens

Over the past few weeks my training hasn’t been it’s usual structure.

Over the New Year I had a Venture camp which is a group of 14-18 year olds who are older Scouts.

For the first half of this camp I chose to participate at the St James walk way in Lewis Pass located in Canterbury. This walk was supposed to be 5 days and 4 nights but we managed to plan it in 4 days and 3 nights making our second day 2 days worth of walking carrying a 15kg bag. This is a completely new experience for me as I have never done more than an overnight hike.

This walk had ups down, exposure and bipolar weather.  During the day the sun was cooking and during the night we would wake up to frost covering our tents. On the second day I started to get blisters on both my feet which I couldn’t do much more than plasters and extra socks while walking. During the on-site section of my camp I had a range of activity’s and I didn’t do any trainings as I wasn’t in a area where I could so or have any time to fit them in, I guess you could call it my little break.

On my way travelling home I got back into my training with a 30minute run and then an open water sea swim which was probably a bit cold for swimming so it was more of an ice bath. When I came home my body was pretty stiff and needed a warm up so just did a hour run which seemed to re introduce and loosen up my muscles.

Now that I am getting back into my training schedule I was out on my 2 hour bike ride when in the corner of my eye I saw 2 kittens that had been dumped on the side of the road in a ditch. So at almost one hour my ride it had now been interrupted.  now I am at home with 2 new pet kittens and 2 confused parents. My training schedule will be pushed back a day but sometimes trainings don’t go to plan but that’s ok because everything happens for a reason and I’m sure these kittens will be happy to have full belly’s and a warm bed to sleep in tonight. 

– Jessica

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