Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 20] – Other Sports

My journey with my fitness and goals has come along way in the past year, this time last year I was just coming out of a fully competitive swimming season trying to qualify for the Division 2 National Championships.

This was my 3rd year trying to qualify for Division 2 and I was again just off the mark of qualifying times. After swimming for so long everything I did revolved around my swimming as I had become so focused on the end goal I wasn’t celebrating or praising myself on my small goals and achievements, finishing my season last year going back into the off season with winter sports, I play hockey and football which both include a high amount of running, and I also would go on runs for the joy that I got from it.

I have always had a passion for running but had never really identified or thought about it. I was doing more runs and was applying good runs into school cross country and running events with no coach or training plan to get me there.

After competing through these events I knew that I needed a change and I needed to find something I could use my base skills I have to apply to something new to keep my training enjoyable.

Coming across triathlons gave me a attraction as it incorporated both my swimming and my running I just needed a bike. Changing into triathlons has already given me back the joy I used to get while doing high amounts of training and started seeing results both physically and mentally. I am excited to see what the future holds and continue to celebrate the small wins that lead up to the main goal. 

– Jessica Bray

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