Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 23] – Recovery

This week is the following week from my last cross country race, where I ran both the individual event and the relay event over both days of the weekend.

If I look at the way my body felt and recovered after this weekend last year it was completely different to this year. Last year I was sore, tired and fatigued.

This year I was almost completely fine with little fatigue which is much better as I can feel better faster as well as be back to normal the next day, doing my normal day to day things without being tired and sore.

Another thing I have noticed from my training that has helped me physically compete and train better is my fitness and where my heart rate sits, at my last years cross country my heart rate would take longer to recover from my race where as this year it recovered much quicker making be able to recover overall faster.

I am very happy with how my training has effected my fitness and recovery while racing and training making it more efficient. 

– Jess Bray

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