Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 25] – A Break Is Good For Revitalising the Body & Soul

After a few weeks of interruptions with my training from school holidays and being sick I have finally got back into my full training.

My body after this past week of training has definitely felt the increase in training with ending the week with very fatigued and tired  body but especially my legs.

I feel much better mentally getting back into it as I missed being able to consistently train and see results but with sickness I knew I needed to fully recover so I didn’t prolong my time off.

I’m looking forward to the up coming weeks with staying consistent and getting fully into my training.

When I wasn’t fully training it felt odd as I’m used to having something each day and knowing I’m not going to exercise that day from recovering from my sickness was always a weird feeling as I had nothing to look forward to that day or something to work around.

All I can say I’m glad I’m fully back and ready to stay consistent and start working towards my next race in December. 

– Jessica Bray

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