Jessica Bray

Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 29] – Driven

This week I got my restricted driving license, this is going to give me much more freedom with my training as I will be able to travel to different areas to train and be able to go when the time suits me.

I have been doing my long runs for the past year I have been with Ray pretty much on the same trail with a few other directions every so often, I enjoy the track I run on and will continue to do use it but definitely not every weekend.

This will also give me the option the go places like the mount and run and have the option to do some open water swimming afterwards. My training this week was a lot on my body adjusting and getting used to the higher level of running it was taking on, but I can’t say I didn’t love every second of it and I definitely want to continue through. Over time my body should adjust to the change in training I am doing and recover faster and more accordingly as well as my body fitness and strength improving which will also help with my recovery. I am looking forward to the upcoming training weeks working towards my next couple races. 

The photo this week was from a school mud run that I attended, I raced this completely for fun and to go through with my friends so this was a fun twist to add into my training for the week for variety. 

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