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Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 30] – Fast then Blast

This week I had just come off a solid week of training and continuing into another. I had a 5km time trial to complete, going into the run I didn’t know what to expect as I haven’t really done a specific time trial for the 5km distance, and didn’t know where I thought my levels were at from them dropping sightly in previous weeks.

I went in strong and found a pace my body was sitting at well I continued to try and hold this pace as I knew I would like the outcome time, I was able to keep a pretty consistent pace and not dropping.

My body definitely started to feel it in the last 1,500m and that was a push to keep up the pace. I keep hoping on and made it to the 5km mark, breaking just under 21 minutes.

I was pretty pleased with this as it was better paced than I expected I would have. This has given be a confidence boost with my training and running and now a base time to improve on throughout my training.

Sadly the day after I have gained a injury into my left foot and have had to stay off running until it’s fixed, I’m not very happy as I was in a good space but I know the best way is fixing it as quickly as I can to get back into it with minimal fitness loss. 

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