How To Track Running Shoe Distance

Tracking the distance you have ran in your running shoes is important to assist with avoiding future injuries by replacing your shoes before they have been used to much. Usual recommendations are for 600-1,000 kilometres (400-600 miles). Stick to the lower end of this range if you are a larger, heavier runner, or if you are prone to injuries. If you are a smaller or more petite runner, the higher end is sufficient.

Within TrainingPeaks you can go into your settings and enter in your various running shoes so you can track the accumulated mileage on them.

Once in Settings go down to ‘Equipment’ on the left hand menu, then select ‘Shoes’ then ‘Add a Shoe’, enter the details for the various shoes.

If you select the ‘Default’ check box, this shoe will be utilised within TrainingPeaks for any run workouts you record.

You can easily change the shoe from within any completed TrainingPeaks run workout in the ‘Summary’ screen, click on the shoe and the drop down list of your various shoe options will appear.

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