Monday’s with Jessica [Ep 39] – Changing Mindset

On this weeks long run I had a full day planned, and this began with my usual morning long run. On this morning I slept through my alarm by 30 minutes meaning I needed to just run my old route from my house if I wanted to make it for my next task of the day.

I started my run just before 6:30 and knew I would have to adjust my timing to make everything else work, with everything overwhelming me slightly and not running where I planned, the run started off horrible, I was still walking which is normal but I was just not clear minded and wanted to go home and just hide in my bed, this was a struggle and I felt like this for the first 4km which felt like 20.

But I knew that it was only just the start of my run and I couldn’t let it dictate how it went, I was still running in zone just at that time a touch slower. And knew I could still have a good run as I was only 1/4 through.

I keep pushing as I knew if I stopped I would be so annoyed at my past self as there was no real reason to stop running, other than my mental thoughts telling me to. I continued to run and over time I began to get into a rhythm and start to enjoy the run for how I usually do, with the feeling giving me the excitement and energy I usually gain on my runs.

Finishing this run was more accomplishing than normal because I proved to myself that I can get through even tough mental blocks and still come out with a good solid run, this helps me know my capability and shows me the range of emotions and feelings running can give me.

All of these moments make my running journey worth it and makes me so excited for the future and what running can offer me in so many ways.

– Jessica Bray

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