Sprint Training

Saturday Swim Session: Sprint Training

Sprint Training is the cherry on the top that gives you your race speed. With a periodised training plan, the preceding sessions are all building to this point to maximise and optimise the speed developed in these sessions. This session is perfect for master’s swimmers, although not specifically targeted for triathletes and open water swimmers this session will help sharpen the top-end swim speed.

Each Saturday I will post a Swim Session, and most weeks I will load three options up for you to do. Option A is for swimmers who are after a workout between 1,000 & 2,000 metres. Option B is for swimmers who are after a workout between 2,000 & 3,000m and Option C will be greater than 3,000m.

Read this article here for an explanation of Swim Intensity.

Option A

  • 400m WU Level II;
  • 4x 50m Drill/Swim;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 100m Level II;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 100m Level II;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m CD Level I-II (1,750m)

Option B

  • 600m WU Level II;
  • 8x 50m Drill/Swim;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m Level II;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m Level II;
  • 10x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m CD Level I-II (2,350m)

Option C

  • 1,000m WU Level II;
  • 12x 50m Drill/Swim;
  • 12x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m Level II;
  • 12x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m Level II;
  • 12x 25m Level V 20RI;
  • 200m CD Level I-II (3,300m)

For the Warm Up (WU) start with a 400m swim (Option A) or 600m (Options B & C) at Level II. During the warm-up feel free to stop and stretch as needed.  It doesn’t need to be a continuous swim.

Next up is a drill set. There are four (Option A), eight (Option B) or twelve (Option C) 50m repetitions, made up of 25m Drill, then straight into 25m normal swimming. Feel free to use fins whilst doing this set.  Do the drills below once (Options A & B) or twice (Option C) through:

  1. Kick On Side (KOS) left side 
  2. Kick On Side (KOS) right side 
  3. 6/1/6 
  4. 6/3/6

There are three main sets, they are each made up of ten (Options A & B) or twelve (OptionC), 25m sprint reps. Swim these at Level V and take a twenty second Rest Interval (RI) after each rep.

Prior to commencing the next Sprint Set swim a relaxed 100m (Option A) or 200m (Options B & C) at Level II. Repeat the Sprint Sets (& relaxed swims) until you have completed all three sets.

For the Cool Down (CD) swim 200m. Unlike the previous sets which have to be freestyle, the Cool Down (CD) (like the Warm Up (WU)) can be any stroke you wish to swim.  You can also stop and rest after any length.  I encourage you to stop and stretch during the cool-down.

If you would like further advice feel free to contact me.

I am the Head Coach and Director of Qwik Kiwi Coaching.

I specialise in assisting first-timers and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals. I can be contacted at coachray@coachray.nz and 021 348 729.

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