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Bailey’s Coast 2 Coast Journey [Ep 01] – Every Journey Starts With A Single Step

Having the thought of knowing Coast to Coast training has started was not easy. Having to get into the routeen of going to bed at a decent hour of the evening, and not hitting snooze in the morning.

I started the week off with a strength session at the gym on Monday. Having to learn how to do new exercises at the gym is something my anxiety has prevented me doing for a while now, but having a formed/scheduled session and the support of my boyfriend I got through it. 

I continued the week with a 5.5km bike ride in Christchurch before work. I found this really difficult as this was my first time biking on a road in Christchurch. I had biked on country open roads before but I would only see round 10 cars/trucks in the 20km I would do, and they would always move right over in to the other lane where safe to do so. In Christchurch cars ether don’t or can’t move over because on oncoming traffic.

On Thursday I had a 40 minute run on the schedule whitch I did around Oxford. I really enjoyed this run as I wasn’t having to keep a specific pace on cover a set distance. I was able to focus on my form more as I wasn’t running for speed.

Friday I finished the week with a strength session at the gym and what was supposed to be a 10km bike ride. But unfortunately this was cut short at about 8.5km with a flat tyre and a 2km walk back to the car.

Over all I’m really happy with this week’s achievement and I am really looking forward to week 2 of training for the 2025 Coast to Coast.

– Bailey Baker

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