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Friday Fartlek: Hard and Harder

  This session is a great session for those that are trying to be competitive in a 5km, 10km or cross country racing. The higher intensity efforts teaches the body how to handle the pace when other athletes surge during a…

Friday Fartlek – 8 Weeks to a faster 10k: 20-24x 200m

Over the next 8 weeks I will post a workout that when done in sequence will help you run a faster 10km. The key to success is to set a realistic 10km time that is challenging. Over the coming 8…

Friday Fartlek – 8 Weeks to a faster 10k: 5km Time Trial

This workout continues the development to improve your 10k speed over 8 weeks. This is the forth workout in this series (the first can be found here, the second here & third here). Include each of these speed sessions once per…

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