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**UPDATE** There Is Often More Than Meets The Eye

There is often more than meets the eye in a number of situations. Last week I wrote an opinion piece supporting the decision made by NZ Swimming in not nominating a couple of Open Water Swimmers into the NZ Olympic Team.

Soapbox: Trial By Social Media

This has been driving me insane the last day or so. Trial By Social Media!!!!!! Or in this case Olympic Selection by Social Media. Floating around on the inter webs a lot of people (especially in the swimming community) are jumping…

Soap Box

Response to Lance Armstrong indicating that he wants to become a Trail Runner

This is my opinion in response to this article: Those that know me, know that I am ANTI-DOPING and ANTI-DOPERS. When Floyd Landis was announced as coming to NZ to ride in the Tour of Southland (TOS). I was like…

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