Monday’s Brick: Pascal Dufresne’s Olympic Brick #1

A brick session is a great way to develop your body for the rigours of transitioning from one discipline to the next. This session comes from a Canadian coach Pascal Dufresne and is great for sprint and Olympic distance triathletes.

Each week I will post Monday’s Brick session that you can do to enhance your triathlon performance. For a complete understanding of my Level’s intensity system, please read my previous articles about intensity for cycling and running.

This workout has come from an article in Triathlon Magazine Canada by Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches. Click here to read the article.

Pascal Dufresne’s Olympic Brick #1

  • Bike
    • 15min WU Level II;
    • 5min Level III-IV;
    • 6x
      • 40sec Level V;
      • 40sec Level III-;
      • 30sec Level V+;
      • 30sec Level III;
      • 20sec Level V++;
      • 20sec Level III+;
      • 10sec MAX;
      • 2min Level II RI;
  • Run
    • 1min Level V+;
    • 1min Level V;
    • 1min Level I-II RI;
    • 30sec Level V++;
    • 1:30min Level V;
    • 5min CD Level II;
  • 10min Stretching

Start on the bike with a Warm Up (WU) for fifteen minutes at Level II. Keep the cadence above 90 rpm.

Spend the next five minutes building your intensity through Level III to Level IV, maintaining that cadence in the 90s.

The main set comprises six sets of a seven-part repetition, keeping the cadence above 90 rpm. Start off at Level V for 40 seconds for the first part. The next part is at Level III- for 40 seconds. Next is half a minute at Level V+, followed by 30 seconds at Level III. For the fifth part, we lift the intensity again to Level V++ for 20 seconds, then cut it back to Level III+ for 20 seconds. The last part of the set is made up of ten seconds at absolute MAX. Before moving on to the next set, spend two minutes spinning at Level II for your Rest Interval (RI).

After the last rep, transition straight into a hard run. Doing this on a treadmill or at an athletics track might be more manageable.

Start off with a minute at Level V+, followed by a second minute slightly lower at Level V. Take a minute jogging at Level I-II for your Rest Interval (RI). A big effort for 30 seconds at Level V++ before a minute and a half at Level V.

Finish the workout with a five-minute jog at Level II for your Cool Down (CD). Feel free to extend this out for ten minutes or more.

Finish with 10 minutes of stretching to assist with the recovery.

Read more about the benefits of brick sessions here:

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