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Hi Blog Followers, and welcome to another weekly blog under Coach Ray’s Website of www.coachray.nz As indicated in last weeks blog I have returned to New Zealand after being overseas for seven months and now training back in my local town of Waipukurau. The acclimatisation has been slow progress with a couple of fine days which is always followed by 2-3 wet days with a nice wind snap just to remind me where I am, so what training have I been up to…

Not exactly the right bikes for where I cycled, but a good clean required afterwards

Coach Ray has me continuing with my own training for a couple more weeks to allow me to spend maximum time with my family after being away for 7 months. This has allowed me to go on walks with my other half, and in between her schedule hit the bike for a couple of rides, but more than most hit the running shoes. Waipukurau has plenty of trails to ride bikes, although I took Mel’s bike on one and soon realized the trail wasn’t designed for her sort of bike, or perhaps the bike wasn’t designed for the trail, so after a quick U-Turn before I went head first into the river, I soon found myself back on State Highway 2 again, battling the winds. The running trails are excellent and it is a pleasure to have soft ground under ones feet which isn’t a treadmill. With most of the local community being at work it’s also good being able to avoid to much foot traffic or mountain bike traffic on the trails.

Loving It !

The swimming pool is great, whilst I found the bungee chord around the ankles swimming on the spot, the only real option in the location I was in, now I have the freedom of a 25 metre swimming pool. Well I say freedom, but of course it is sharing the lane with another swimmer or two. I am back into the slow lane as I have lost my swim fitness, but I know once Coach Ray gets his hands on me it will be getting sorted quite quickly. I do have a short overseas holiday coming up with family so that will be a small hurdle in my own training, but an enjoyable one before back to work, most likely one last chance to relax before coming under Coach Ray’s training regime once again.

Not much more to add as the training in this location is slowly getting back to the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, but more so to put family first and do some training with Mel. Stay tuned team as I continue my journey back into training full time and planning major events. Regards John Humphries (Aka Humps, Aka UltraHumps)!

UltraHumps will be writing weekly blogs as he continues his journey and raising funds for Charitable causes.

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