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Lisa's Journey

Lisa’s Journey, Weeks 58/59: Holidays, Yahh!

Extending the blogs out to fortnightly for a bit, felt like it took the pressure off and allowed for a bit of breathing space… With the end of Term 2 winding up, I couldn’t wait to turn off the alarm, and celebrate not having to make school lunches! I’m not even sure why school lunches are such a drag, as you still have to feed the kids regardless…

Got some spin biking in during the week, then headed south… While the weather was nice the kids and I went and walked to Sylvan Lake. We didn’t get to it last time so really wanted to make sure we did it. 


A beautiful, easy walk, into a cute wee lookout at the lake edge. I tried to keep kids at a steady pace, but that was just not happening haha. They’d have out bursts and take off or disappear into the bush often returning behind me… So no, it probably can’t be classed us any type of training… but it certainly ticked all my boxes. We got up close with a little friendly robin. So my nature fix – was fulfilled!

I really enjoy the many wee tracks around here. Be it walking or running, they’re all pretty scenic and you don’t have to go far from home. I found a wee circuit I liked so walk/jogged it a few times this week. Lucked out with the wether most times too. I didn’t expect miracles, but was happy that I can jog a km or two and not die…

Today, was probably the chilliest, but we were treated to a heli ride, which was even colder up on the hill in snow. Tired to make a snow ball but the snow was so powdery and soft and I couldn’t actually feel my fingers too make it…

It was awesome to get up in the air to be able to check out all the places we’ve been on foot, from the air! Diamond Lake is much better looking from above! I topped it off with a nice latte, a delicious apple & cinnamon muffin at the local ‘Mrs Woolly’s General Store’…

Lisa x

In 2018 Lisa accepted a challenge of getting off the couch to doing a 10km! That completed, she agreed to continue writing, sharing the up and downs of training, injuries and life in general, and hopes that she can inspire even the most stubborn (such as herself) to get out there, and set your own challenges however big or small!

Check in July 30th for her next article.

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