Wellington Half Marathon

This time around this event would be part of a handful of confidence boosters in my build up to Challenge Wanaka 2016 (first ever iron-distance).

I wanted to run this event in 2.30 hrs (even-though previously I’d done it faster), feel “comfortable” and not cause any of injuries I’ve been recovering from over the last 12 months to flare up, so this was going to be a challenge.

The week beforehand I started to doubt achieving this goal so I sent Coach a text – give me a pace to run or realistic time to finish in, but really do want to go under 2.30. In Ray’s response on pace & time was also the final sentence “You can do this”.

I lined up at the start knowing that the first few kilometres could be quite congested so decided to “go with the flow” which ended up being faster than my target pace, but I felt relaxed knowing it would settle. I had also decided to try and keep slightly under pace target as I knew the northerly on the return would play its part as well as fatigue over the last 5kms.

I not only came in in 2.29.12 (officially), but best of all I felt good – comfortable, in control, injury free and importantly going forward a step up in confidence. “Yes, I can do this.

Helen Majorhazi

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