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Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Christmas Tree Time!

This week once again started great, with the only session missed the hill run, mainly as it just wasn’t safe! The temperature has dropped and it was really icy under foot! Besides that the bike and swim workouts went as…

Clatters Chatter: Motivation To Keep Pushing

Recently I have not found the urge to go for a run instead I would just be working on my car or eating food. Because of exams it has brought me down with some pressure I just cant find the…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: birthday celebrations!

The week started out relatively ok, sickness has hit the family and we have all dropped like flys this and varying times! Besides that I managed to put in some ok sessions when feeling ok. Training during the week isn’t…

Clatters Chatter: Training Starts Again!

Getting back into the action is great, as we only have one exam left to go. I have started to train again as of this week and can’t wait for the training to becomes full on and I have to…

ULTRAHUMPS – Match Unfit!

Hi blog followers and welcome to my weekly blog in association with Coach Ray’s website of Whilst recently being overseas with work for several months I trained everyday, albeit with a minor foot injury that would prove to be…

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Back to Green!

It’s always hard getting back into a routine after holiday, never mind trying to get back into training for 3 sports. If you read last weeks blog I’ve been on a 2 week holiday where I just concentrated on running….

Clatters Chatter: Ready, Set, Go!

We have finished school, yay! But now the dreaded exams have got underway. Instead of hearing a gun going off for a running race I’m hearing the exam lady at the front saying “you can start”.

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: Holiday Week!

As the title suggests I’ve just come back from an amazing 10 days in Turkey. All inclusive food and beer doesn’t usually end well with me and I often over do it like most would. Haha.

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