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Tarawera 100 Mile Ultramarathon: Return of the Fat Wood Pigeon

I had a failed attempt at the TUM Miler in 2020 due to my body rebelling against me at the Titoki aid station (I projectile vomited five times) which I took as a sign to call an end to my first go at a miler. This was about 9 or 10 weeks after a hernia op so my time on feet etc weren’t where I wanted them to be. Being a stubborn type of I immediately set my sights on TUM Miler 2021.

Bronnie Ticks Off The Quarter IronMāori

I was inspired 3 years ago watching a friend compete in IRONMAN NZ. Looking at so many people swimming, biking and running to achieve their goal. I thought ‘could I do this?’ One major problem with that idea, is my swimming, I had a big problem that I couldn’t breathe correctly, I hyperventilate and panic. What to do?

Mike’s Middle Distance Magic: good and bad!

On a positive note this week has seen some good power numbers and some pretty decent speed on the runs! However not everything was on track to achieve my goals, unfortunately.

UltraHumps – Ironman NZ 2020 As A Volunteer!

Ironman 2019 was on the weekend I was to commence travel for my deployment overseas, whilst I could of completed it in Taupo and then headed to Auckland Airport, it obviously wouldn’t have been fair on my family. Upon return from deployment several months later, I knew I would be to unfit to do Ironman 2020. Being a stubborn git I know I could of still made it to the finish line, for the free Finishers T-Shirt after all, but elected to give something back to the event that changed my life and still provides a focus to train for each year.

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