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How Fast Are You Now?

This is the eighth and final session as we have now built your fitness. Now it is time to retest you and compare with your original benchmark from the first session. If you haven’t done the preceding sessions you can’t expect to have the results, so I advise you to go back and complete them all with a few days rest in between.

Session Eight: 1500m TT

  • 400m Warm Up;
  • 1500m TT;
  • 100m Cool Down;

Start the workout with a Warm Up covering 400m. During the warm up feel free to stop and stretch as needed.  It doesn’t need to be a continuous swim.

Then swim 1,500m as fast as you can, continuously without stopping. This will serve as a benchmark of where you are at currently. Record your time from when you push off the wall until you’ve finished the last length of the 1,500m, or better still get a friend to time and count your lengths.

Complete your workout with a 100m Cool Down. Feel free to pause and stretch when needed and/or include stretching as part of each break until the distance is covered.

Well that is the last workout of the four weeks worth of sessions to get you swimming 1,500m quicker with only two 2km sessions each week. If you have worked your way through these workouts post your original 1,500m time and what you got today in the comments box below.


If you would like further advice feel free to contact Coach Ray.

Coach Ray is the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi – Endurance Sports Consultant.

Coach Ray specialises in assisting first timers and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals. He can be contacted at and 021 348 729. Make sure you sign up to his monthly informative newsletter.

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