Swim 300m Reps to Develop Your Stamina

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This is the fourth session as we build your fitness to a new 1,500m PB. Start with the first session and then work through the second session and then the third session three to four days apart, prior to doing this session, before continuing on with the session that will be sent through to you in a few days time.

This session will help you develop your endurance and stamina whilst swimming.

Session Four: Endurance

  • 400m Warm Up;
  • 8x 25m Drills;
  • 4x 300m Build 1-4, 45sec RI;
  • 200m Cool Down;

Start the workout with a Warm Up covering 400m. During the warm up feel free to stop and stretch as needed.  It doesn’t need to be a continuous swim.

Swim 25m doing an appropriate drill. Pause prior to conducting the next repetition for a total of eight repetitions. Do the drills in the following order (examples of how to do each drill can be found by clicking on them).

  1. Kick On Side (KOS)
  2. Kick On Side (KOS)
  3. 6/1/6
  4. 6/3/6
  5. Kick On Side (KOS)
  6. Kick On Side (KOS)
  7. Broken Arrow
  8. Popov

The pause referred to above is a stop of about 10 seconds. It’s a chance to grab a drink, review the programme and think about the next drill you will do. If you need 15-20 seconds or longer, you are welcome to take it because the rest duration isn’t physiologically critical to the aim of this set. Having a quick break is neurologically critical though, so make sure you don’t just roll straight from one rep to the next.

The main set is made up of four repetitions of 300m with 45 seconds Rest Interval (RI).  As with the third session build your pace as you do each repetition, getting faster as you get closer to the end of the session. Start off with a steady rep, then a fast rep, faster rep before finishing with your fastest rep.

Complete your workout with a 200m Cool Down. Feel free to pause and stretch when needed and/or include stretching as part of each break until the distance is covered.

Record your times for each 300m rep and post them below.

If you would like further advice feel free to contact Coach Ray.

Coach Ray is the Head Coach & Director of Qwik Kiwi – Endurance Sports Consultant.

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