UltraHumps Blog #4 – Beating the Injury Through Pain and Suffering

As reported in my most recent couple of Blogs, I picked up a niggling calf strain or slight tear, so this weeks training coupled with physio has been different than it normally is.

Tri Training NZ
Humps receiving treatment from Nikki the Physio

Physio on Monday was fun with Nikki from Capital Sports Medicine watching me do some stretching exercises where she declared “okay time for acupuncture”.  So laying face down on the physio bed she grabbed my left hand and put a needle in it followed by one in my right foot.  At this stage I decided to remind her it was my left calf that was damaged and she said “trust me”, then proceeded to place over a dozen (or so it seemed like) needles in various places of my left calf of which she said “you should feel a dull pain”.  Then she noticed I was sweating.  Me being cheeky said, “no kidding, how many more needles to go”.  Her magic worked, even though I felt discomfort for the rest of the day.  I woke on Tuesday feeling it was well and truly on the mend.

Ray deliberately planned my training this week to focus on swimming and cycling in order to completely rest the calf from running activities, even though power walking is manageable.  Ray was also aware that at the end of this week is the Scorching Triathlon 100th event which is celebrated with a first Half Ironman in Wellington for a long time.  I am entered as part of my training for Ultraman Australia.  As such a final check with the Physio on Friday with more dry-needling and an intense massage and the words from Physio Nikki were clear… “Swim, go for it on the bike, but only walking on the run.  Power-walk if able, but don’t break into a jog or run and be prepared to DNF (Did Not Finish) if necessary.  The bigger event is what we need to get your calf right for, being the Ironman NZ in March and your Ultraman in May”.  Ray said “excellent advice” which he was going to reinforce when he sees me at the Scorching Half Ironman build up activities.

This week we launched the dedicated UltraHumps Facebook page, to go public with what I am doing for the cause I have chosen. I am overwhelmed by the support we are receiving for the cause with the Give-A-Little donation page to be finalised by the next Blog.  Additionally Google search Ultraman Australia to see what is involved.  I’ll let you all know how the Scorching 100 Half Ironman goes and then hopefully back into training full force for the greater cause… Ultraman Australia.

Take care – regards John Humphries (Humps)!

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