UltraHumps Blog #8: Humps’ Most Inspirational Songs

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UltraHumps doing a Presentation at Jetts Gym

Hi UltraHumps followers.

Time is near for the first major test for Ultraman Australia being Ironman NZ in a couple of weeks. As I write my Blog, I am thinking of two fellow Qwik Kiwi colleagues who are covering the Ironman distance in the Challenge Wanaka event today (20 Feb 16). Di Chesmar and Helen Majorhazi.  Also competing are two Army colleagues whom I do Ironman with, Soren Hall and Tommy Hirst, of which I wish them all well.

So in order to prepare for Ironman NZ on 5 March 2016 in two weeks time, I doing one of the famous Scorching Triathlons next weekend, and continue with Coach Ray’s excellent Qwik Kiwi training programme. This week the Podiatrist (Dr John Sloane from Karori Medical Centre) and Physio (Nikki from Wellington Medical Centre) will be keeping an eye on things and will provide some guidance on managing my puzzling reoccurring left calf strains. They have both independently worked out what has been causing the problem and came up with the same cause and solution. Now I know how to move forward for the rest of my crazy endurance career with taking on board their advice permanently. Many thanks to my ever patient Coach Ray Boardman, who understands sports injuries and plans everything accordingly. I know he will be ‘extending  my training sessions somewhat after my body has had the period he deems necessary to quickly recover from Ironman to get me ready for Ultraman Australia.

I was also blessed this week to be given the opportunity to talk about my endurance distance journey and share tips on what has worked and what hasn’t worked, or what has gone wrong and gone right for me to some members at Jetts Gym in Wellington. This was arranged through my Qwik Kiwi Coach Ray and Pavan the Personal Trainer at Jetts Gym on Adelaide Road near Government House.

I have for a long time been considering music as a form of motivation or inspiration for Ultraman Australia. The links I have below are for songs that I have individually asked people to choose (for various personal reasons is why I asked them).

Day 1 – 10 Km Swim = ElvisIf I Can Dream” This is a song from a close Australian friend Johnny Bombora.  We are both Elvis fans and the lyrics are about ‘troubled land and brothers walking hand in hand and If I Can Dream of a better place…’. I guess in some ways, it’s what has bought me to fund raise for the Fallen, Wounded, Injured and Sick.

Day 1 – 140 Km Cycle = The HolliesHe Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” This song is my personal choice and captures everything for why I am doing this. The you-tube link shows photo’s of American Military wounded, but the Ultraman Australia event is definitely part of the lyrics ‘the road is long…’. After all, it is 515 Km’s in three days of swimming, cycling and running.

Day 2 – 281 Km Cycle = Tom PettyLearning to Fly” This song is from Dino the CIS guy at work in Army General Staff.  By the end of Day 2, I’ll definitely be wishing I could Fly.

Day 3 – 84.3 Km’s Running a Double Marathon = QueenAnother One Bites The Dust“. This song is from my daughter, celebrating the event is over.

I am blessed that one of my former RSM’s (Regimental Sergeant Major) a guy called Bob Davis has asked Allan Watt who is a former serving Soldier and Policemen to write a song for me. Alan is an accomplished singer / songwriter in his own right and pretty handy with a guitar. When his song is finished I’ll let everyone know and that will be the overall song. Bob, Allan and I were all in 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment based in Dieppe Barracks Singapore at the same time in the mid 80’s.

The UltraHumps Give-A-Little page has been set up after numerous glitches and is now going through the moderation process before being switched to ‘live’ for those that wish to help donate to the cause of which 100% of the funds will go to the cause.

Take care,


John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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