Qwik-View: Tom Hubbard

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Stage 2 Herald Sun tour. Kirsty Baxter photography

QK: Since 2009 you have been a pretty good rider at the national level. You’ve ridden in events around the world such as the Tour of Borneo and Australia’s Herald Sun Tour. You’ve taken part in some challenging Tour’s of Southland. Which event do you consider to be your best race and why?

TH: Any race is good but racing UCI races like the Sun Tour and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean road race are just on another level from anything I have done in the past. These races are a massive learning curve and a step up for me.


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Prior to start of Cadel Evans great ocean road race

QK: These days you are riding for Data#3 Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody.  How did you end up racing for them and what does the remainder of the year hold for you race wise?

TH: I was lucky enough to get recommended by my good mate Scott Thomas who was already on the team in 2015. From there I was given the opportunity to race in the Tour of Borneo with Data#3 and the rest is history.

My next block of racing is in Europe at the start of April where I will be based in Holland with my Data#3 team mates. We are in Europe for six weeks doing some UCI 1.2 races. From there it will be back to Christchurch for a mid season break. In the second half of the year I will be racing in Asia at this stage.

QK: I remember as a young rider you were mentored by some of the old guard of NZ cycling from back in the 90’s. Who do you owe your cycling success and guidance to?

TH: I have been lucky enough to come through the ranks in a strong Canterbury cycling scene and have had many top riders to look up to. One of those guys was Brain Fowler who won a few races down this way!

QK: What is your favourite workout and what do you enjoy about it?

TH: Anything in the Port Hills, Christchurch. The long bays was a favourite pre earthquake.


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Milford Classic. Photo Barry Harcourt

QK: This year you have already won the Milford Mountain Classic and the opening round of the Elite Series. How long do you think you can maintain this form?

TH: I’m not too sure. Time will tell! But my training is structured so that at the end of a four week cycle I have a few days off to recover and reset.

QK: Do you do any dedicated strength training? If so, what sort of session do you do?

TH: Over the past 12 months I have started doing gym training for the first time. It’s nice to see that hard work cross over to form on the bike.

QK: What have you learned over the last 12 months that more people should know?

TH: From doing the Cadel Evans road race and Sun Tour you realise just how good these top guys are. Even the sprinters can climb better than most top domestic climbers. So you have to adapt to the speed change quickly.

QK: What are the two biggest training mistakes and how have you come back from them?

TH: Probably the worst thing you can do is over train. The damage that can do at an important stage of your preparation is vital. The other thing is make sure it’s fun because it can be a long time between victory’s.

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