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Transforming Tash – Things Don’t Always Go Well

If the journey to success was in a perfectly straight line it would be boring right? We all need those brick walls to help us realise just how badly we want something.

Well after this week, I set out this morning to ask myself some hard questions. What I love the most about swimming is that it’s an opportunity for me to think with no distractions.

Today I asked myself why do I get close to a mini goal and then decide it would be fun to place a brick wall up and see if I decide to climb over it or just stay in front of it and then come up with an excuse as to why I wasn’t able to achieve it.

This week my goal was to lose 1kg and then I would have hit 10kg loss since I started with Ray. And then someone poured me a glass of wine. Ok that someone may have been myself. That one glass was amazing. I justified it by saying everyone needs a night off and to relax. If i deprive myself I will feel like I’m always missing out etc etc.

Then along comes the next night.  Well technically I did go for my run tonight so I deserve this glass of wine. Then the next night friends came over and I had two glasses of wine. I then had a night or two with no wine (what a success!) however I then started to skip a few workouts due to various excuses, some justified and some made up!

Then I had an all out bender over Easter. I must have drunk over a bottle of wine. In a way it was kinda good to hit this low point as it made me realise just how bad I want to succeed at this goal.

I was the one that chose this goal. No one pointed a gun to my head and said you WILL do this. It was my choice. All mine. So why was I setting myself up to fail? Was I happy with the way my life is at the moment? No. So why am I not working towards change.

It’s now time to shake off this last week and start afresh. I’m scared to step on the scales tomorrow, but I will as it is all part of being accountable. And accountability is what I need.

Kia kaha whanau for this week. Stay true. Stay strong.

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