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UltraHumps Blog #14 – Helping Another Charitable Organisation “Off Limits”

UltraMan CoachingThis week for Blog # 14 is one of mixed emotions.

My training is ticking along nicely thanks to Coach Ray Boardman from Qwik Kiwi.

During the weekend, whilst in Waiouru, I tried to recall any training sessions I have ever missed. I couldn’t think of a single one to date.  I guess I have been blessed for the last couple of years under Ray’s guidance where I haven’t picked up the flu, or anything that has stopped me, or made me miss a training session.  I have had to get Ray’s assistance to modify training to take into account an injury.  My injuries have been limited since having Ray as my Coach. My calf has caused a few concerns in the past, but it is back to 100% now.  I have had to shift a training session on a few occasions from one day to another, which Ray was very understanding about and accommodating.

Speaking of which, at the 11th hour an opportunity presented itself to return to Waiouru and once again support Off-Limits.  Off-Limits is a charitable organisation who raise their funds through activities such as motorcross riding through various parts of the Waiouru Training Area.  In the past I have assisted them as part of their volunteers by refuelling motorbikes on the course.  This is my way of returning the assistance they were providing to Multisports that I have been part of in the NZ Army.

Derrick McMillan, who is one of my support crew for Ultraman Australia, was returning to refuel motorbikes at a stand in the middle of gods own, so I went with him as a way to give something back to not only Off-Limits but also to Derrick.

The photo above shows us during a quiet period.  Often there were long queues of revving motorbikes wanting to hit the tussock in their chosen sport!  This meant a 0315 hour start for me on Saturday to head to the location with a late finish and a tiring weekend, also fitting in my training on the Sunday that Coach Ray had planned for the weekend.

The mixed emotion part came when I read a post on Facebook this week, that Allan Watt, an accomplished singer and songwriter who is writing a song of inspiration for me for Ultraman Australia, learned that his 23 year old son has had his cancer return.  My heart goes out to you Allan.  Take care of your family and the songs that you know I am also using for inspiration for Ultraman Australia will get me there.

All the best team – regards John Humphries (UltraHumps)!

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